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Guardian Group offers a product portfolio designed to secure the communication of individuals and high-stake business that deal with sensitive information.

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Law Firms

The sensitive data that lawyers and law firms possess is a target for state agencies and spying parties. If legal professionals do not secure clients’ communications and sensitive data, they could violate the attorney-client privilege. The violation could result in loss of clients, reputational damage, and even actions for malpractice or losing the license to practice law. Most clients refuse to make a phone call or write an email with sensitive information. To practice the legal profession with the expected degree of reliability, you need to use mobile encryption to guarantee the secrecy of your conversations with clients and partners.

Wholesale Businesses

The supply chain is a target of interest for transnational organized crime groups and terrorists. Leakage of information could lead to physical attacks during transportation, mass-scale terrorism such as food poisoning, injured employees, or severe financial damage. To minimize distribution-related risks, protect the movement of goods, and secure the financial flow, you need to ensure your communication is encrypted and your mobile data is secured.

Corporations & SMEs

Sensitive business data is a valuable commodity, and businesses, small, medium, or big, are the primary targets of attacks aiming to steal it. Such information could be leveraged by competitors to take new market positions, steal clients, or even try framing you for ill practices. In case your business collects users’ of clients’ data as well, it could be targeted by state-owned attacks, trying to obtain this data for social engineering. Secure your conversations and encrypt your data to ensure it never falls in the wrong hands.

Financial Advisors

Consulting businesses place a vast amount of sensitive corporate information such as confidential business plans, security credentials, and financial information in your hands and on your mobile. The data you own makes you a target of attacks from competitors, hackers, and even states. Information leakage could lead to severe reputational and financial damage for you and your clients. To secure the sensitive corporate data of your clients, you need to encrypt your communication, data-at-rest, and file-transferring.

No information is secure without encryption