Guardian Phone

Guardian Phone

You have to take measures to protect your privacy. Guardian Phone uses powerful encryption to secure your communications.

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A 360° Security Solution

Secure Email, Chat & Calls

All communications via Guardian Phone are end-to-end encrypted. Only the recipient can read them.

Hardware Security

The encrypted phone’s hardware is additionally hardened to block all physical tampering attempts.

Multiple Security Layers

The device offers a reduced attack surface with multiple security layers to counter any mobile threat.

Carrier Independence

The handset comes with a Multi IMSI SIM card providing unlimited data plan with global coverage.

We Encrypt Your Messages And Calls

Encrypted Chat

True P2P Messaging

No sensitive data reaches our servers. The communication happens only when the two parties are online to facilitate it peer-to-peer.

Multiple Functions

One-on-one chats, group chats, VoIP calls, conference calls, video calls: we encrypt everything to protect you against eavesdroppers.

Additional Security Options

Set a self-destruct timer to your messages, wipe all data from the device remotely, hide contacts within the app, etc.

Guardian phone chat

Encrypted Email

Only You Have The Keys

PGP uses long-term keys for all your messages. We give you complete control over the keys – they are generated, and stored on your encrypted phone, ensuring no one can decrypt your emails.

Proven Cryptography

The app relies on 4096-bit RSA keys and the AES-256 cypher. This ensures your messages remain undecipherable even for state-backed adversaries.

Feature-Rich Email Client

Inbox rules, folder management, domain blacklisting and whitelisting, contact backup, file import, etc.

Guardian phone email

Advanced Security Features

Encrypted Vault

Encrypted file container that is fully integrated with all our other apps. Encrypted Vault can also be used to save encrypted notes.

Emergency Wipe

If you want to delete everything on your handset, a factory reset is not enough – it leaves traces of data. Emergency Wipe doesn’t.

Incognito Mode

Turn your Incognito Mode, to mask your encrypted phone into a regular Android-based smartphone in case of prying eyes or inspection.

Powered by Secure OS

Secure On/Off Switch

When you want to turn off a function like the camera, Guardian Phone’s OS doesn’t just disable it – it also removes its drivers from the Kernel to prevent exploits.

Multi Layer Malware Protection

The OS is designed to reject apps not installed by the admin. Even if malware does find itself on the phone, it cannot mine data because everything is encrypted, and the content provider is customized.

Blocked Attack Routes

Any function that can be used for a malicious exploit has been cut from the OS: location tracking, notifications manager, unencrypted texting and calls, etc.

Integrity Checking

At every reboot, Secure OS scans the encrypted phone’s partitions one by one to authenticate complete integrity. The recovery mode is also security-hardened, eliminating change for being abused.

Hardware Security

Custom-built mobile hardware specifically designed to withstand physical tampering.

  • Custom Device

    The hardware handset is is specially built for data protection and is security-hardened to ensure no physical tampering is possible.

  • Locked & Sealed Device

    Guardian Phone’s entire hard drive is encrypted to protect the data stored on the device. The bootloader is locked to prevent any tampering with the handset.

  • Zero-day-integrity

    The encrypted mobile phones pass rigorous quality assurance and security tests to guarantee their hardware integrity, unmatched by competitors offering refurbished solutions.

Hardware Model Specs:

  • 1.3GHz quad-core processor
  • 32GB encrypted storage
  • 3GB RAM
  • 3200mAh battery
  • 13MP rear camera, 5MP front camera
  • 5.5” full HD display

Talk To Anyone, Anywhere

We have cut all the middlemen from the service we offer, including mobile carriers. Guardian Phone comes with a special Multi IMSI SIM card providing unlimited data coverage worldwide and higher security.

  • No roaming or other extra fees
  • Instant, unlimited connectivity
  • Global data coverage